In the pursuit to evolve and grow the biotopes, some of the species have breed forming 300 hundred new young, The Blubber Bots are offspring of the Autonomous Light Air Vessels (ALAVs). The Blubber Bots call for participation from the audience. Through educating an audience from a more hands on experience, Blubber Bots can be assembled and let loose into the world by anyone willing to do so. I am working toward a more ambition biotope imagining hundreds of Blubber Bots inhabiting a central location. With your help, this vision maybe upon us soon.

Blubber Bots

The Beluga Roe are the recent spawn of the Blubber Bots. They were sited for the first time on April 5, 2009in the Canary Islands. Their behavior is less predictable and we are very excited to observe their nature.