COMUNIDAD AUTONAMA 18 - BALLENAS FLOTANTES - March - May , 2009, Círculo Bellas Artes Tenerife, Canary Islands

VIDA 11.0 - February, 2009", Matadero, Madrid, Spain

Beluga Pod - November 2008, Brandts, Odense, Denmark

DAF - Sept.-Nov., 2008, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

BLUBBER BOTS - December, 2007 Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, Austria

FILE RIO 2008 - March 1st.-31st., 2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Exhibtion with ALAVs 2.0, Espaço Cultural Oi Futuro.

BLUBBER BOTS - November 20th, 2007
Cover of Make Magazine issue #12.

VIDA 10.0 - November 9th, 2007, Madrid, Spain.
ALAVs 2.0 has been awarded with a Special Mention for the International Competition VIDA 10.0. You can vote for the Audience Award.
GADGETOFF - September 28th, 2007, NYC
Exhibited ALAVs 2.0 at Liberty Science Center.
MAKER FAIRE AUSTIN - October 20th-21st, 2007, Austin Texas.
Showed Blubber Bots. Travis County Expo Center.
AER - Is an exhibtion at ALAVs 2.0 is featured in a group show curated by Andrea Polli, October 19th—, 2007.

ROBOTS AT PLAY 2007 - August, 23rd-25th, 2007 Odense, Denmark
Invited to a 3 day festival, Robo [art]. An exhibition at Brandts, Denmark's Media Museum. ALAVs 2.0 received an honor for Aesthetics.

BLUBBER BOT WORKSHOP - June 30th and July 14th, 2007, LA CA.
Taught one day workshops on building your very own Blubber Bot at Machine Project.

SPARK AWARDS - June 10th, 2007 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA.
I was ask to pull out ALAVs 1.0 for an after party.

REBOOT 9.0 - May 31 - June 1, 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark
Built and demoed a flock of Blubber Bots for reboot 9.0, a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us.

MAKER FAIRE 2007 - May 19th-20th, 2007, San Mateo CA.
Blubber Bots debut, we built a few over the weekend. Also the Maker Faire Store had Blubber Bot Kits available.

FAMILY DAY -April 21, 2007, Irvine CA.
Participated in the county-wide arts festival, the Imagination Celebration, with a younger audience at the Beall Center


OCMA - April 17, 2007, Irvine CA.
ALAVs 2.0 made an appearance at the Orange County Museum of Art.

ALAVs 2.0, BEALL CENTER - April 3 - June 9th, 2007, Irvine CA.
Selected for the Beall Center for Art and Technology's 2007 "Emerging Artist" series. ALAVs (2.0) will be on exhibit in a solo exhibition from April 3 - June 9th, 2007.

DISCOVERY NETWORK - October 22-28, 2006 (ALAVs 1.0)
The ALAVs 1.0 was featured on the Discovery Network's Beyond Tomorrow. Beyond Tomorrow is a global cutting-edge television series covering technological innovations and breakthrough scientific advancements that are destined to change the way we live. A cast of reporters travel the globe, informing viewers on a diverse range of subjects including medicine, aviation, computers, space, agriculture, transport, architecture, energy, environment, sport, leisure and adventure. This series looks into our future to see what is now within the realm of possibility.

Episode 46 covered the Maker Faire in California and included coverage of the ALAVs 1.0. It has already aired in some parts of the world, but look out for it later this year in the US on the Science Channel.
TRANSITIONAL SPECIES EXHIBITION - December 15th, 2006 6-9pm (ALAVs 2.0)
Introducing the US debut of Autonomous Light Air Vessels (ALAVs) 2.0—a biotope for co habiting with others. Art Center College of Design

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We are living in the condition of the constant ‘logged-in’ through mobile phone, internet, recently emerged wireless technologies.  The exhibition aims to reflect on the current state of connectivity and relationship among people, environment, clusters of information, and objects in the networked condition of everyday life.  Works in the exhibition question the very concept of mobility, connectivity, locality, kinship, and physicality whether it is poetic contemplation or piercing critique. Call 011 822 1537 4242 to speak with the ALAVs in Korean. Press

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ACM 2006 INTERACTIVE ARTS EXHIBITION - October 22-28, 2006 (ALAVs 1.0)
ACM Multimedia is the premier annual multimedia conference, covering all aspects of multimedia computing. The Interactive Arts Exhibition consists of peer reviewed multimedia artworks which will be displayed during the duration of the conference in the new Media Arts & Technology Program facilities in the California Nanosystems Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara. ACM library publication

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COLD STORAGE PROJECT SERIES - Sunday August 13, 6pm (ALAVs 1.0)
Herding Blimps & Wireless GeeseNecks

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MACHINE PROJECT - Saturday August 12, 8pm (ALAVs 1.0)
Presented a few projects at the Make Magazine issue #7 (backyard Biology) Launch party. Lecture and launch party.

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ART CENTER FOR KIDS - June 2006 (ALAVs 1.0)
The ALAVs made another appearance for a children's robotics class taught by Syuzi Pakhchyan at Art Center.

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MAKER FAIRE 'flocking blimp whales' - April 22-23, 2006 (ALAVs 1.0)
At the Maker Faire, the ALAVs (blimp whales) captivated the kids in away I could not have imagined. I had the opportunity to refine my shepardding skills over that weekend. Some of the more notable attention came from Dave Lowder at Beyond Productions. They spent about 3 hours filming with the ALAVs for a science & technology program called Beyond Tomorrow that airs on Discovery Network worldwide. I also was interviewed by Jay Leno's film crew for the Tonight Show. I was asked to sign a release from but was not told when the show might air. I will post updates as I find out more. Due to the constant flurry of activity, I really didn't have a chance to document all the fun. If you have any good photos and especially videos you would like to share, please get in touch!


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SECOND FLOCKING & FEEDING - Tuesday April 4th, 2006 (ALAVs 1.0)
The ALAVs will be taking fight in the wind tunnel for AnnMarie Polsenberg Thomas's Art Center College of Design Class: Introduction to Robotics. It’s an open invitation for anyone, we will be meeting at 9:15pm-10:15pm, and the Address is: 950 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA


FIRST FLOCKING & FEEDING - Thursday December 8th, 2005 (ALAVs 1.0)
This project was produced in the Art Center Graduate Media Design Program, first presented in :"The New Ecology of Things".The event consisted of a group of representatives and engineers from Sun, faculty, students and the public. The project was well received. Below are few images.

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