Our process is a unique approach to research that involves the designing of technologies into working objects. Using unpredictably to our advantage, it serves as a guide and learning tool. The ALAV system raises questions and issues regarding the integration of networked technology into various aspects of our everyday lives. It brings the capabilities of this emerging technology to life in a form that is accessible to an audience. Since everyone draws different associations from their own interactions, it becomes valuable to further a discussion of possible applications by building upon the system. The users are the public, academia, scientists and engineers. Research will continue into future interpretations of how to push networked technology into airborne object-based flocking environments.

Swarms of autonomously functioning vehicles could be deployed to carry out a prescribed mission and respond as a group to high-level management commands. We conceived the ALAV project as a platform to build upon based on people's interaction and emotional response to the system. The success of the existing project was its ability to captivate a wide audience. As a result, it communicated the idea of a networked environment with people co-habiting the same space as the ALAVs - an interactive system introducing people as part of the ecology. Our primary interests lie in further developing the relationship/dialogue between people and the flock of ALAVs.


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