Through a defined research process we designed objects that behave and respond in specific ways and are part of a networked system that emphasizes autonomous and flocking behavior.

ALAVs are 3 flying objects that exist in a networked environment and communicate through assigned behaviors forming three scenarios: ALAV with a person, ALAV with other ALAVs, and ALAV alone.

We designed and integrated technology into working objects in an airborne environment. Rather than concepting speculative near future prototypes, the ALAVs are functioning objects. ALAVs are designed to behave and respond in specific ways. They are aware of each other and their surroundings and respond to people. The ALAVs reference flocking behavior to visualize and communicate the concept of unpredictably in environments. The ALAVs are autonomous objects that are in a continual search for activities represented by flocking and feeding. These parameters arose as a result of the possibilities of the provided technology. The technical constraints were translated into novel reinterpretations of a concept.

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